This video just shows you how calm the wallaroos are. You can also see how they walk which is also very different. It’s not an exciting video but at least you can see how they act on a regular day.

The wallaroo is found in Australia and looks a lot like a kangaroo but a wallaroo is a lot smaller. Other than size, they are extremely similar. I think the wallaroo is a really cute animal and I have  always wanted to go to Australia and just see a kangaroo or a wallaroo just hanging out. I think that would be really cool! In eastern Australia it is a grey animal and is called the Common Wallaroo and In central and western Australia it is reddish, lives in hot, arid regions and is known as the Euro. Wallaroos have bare muzzles and relatively large ears which make them look so cute! Male wallaroos are almost twice the weight of females. The infant wallaroo is called a Joey! Wallaroos are very quiet and may use footstomping to warn each other of danger. When they are annoyed, they usually hiss or cough. During the day the wallaroo sleeps a in shelter, usually under a rock. The wallaroo is a very sweet animal and extremely calm! The are great at petting zoos for little kids to see because they are great with himans, but sometimes they get scared.


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The camel is a very unique animal. It’s life spand is around 40-50 years, which is quite a long time for an animal. Fossil evidence shows that the ancestors of modern camels were found in North America during the Palaeogene period. Camels don’t store water in their humps, which is believed by many people. The humps are actually reservoir of fatty tissue. Camels can stay in the heat for extreme periods of time without needing water. This is because their red blood cells are oval shaped unlike other mammals which are circular. Camels are used a lot for transportation. A camel’s thick coat of fur reflects the sunlight. Their mouths are very sturdy and are able to chew thorny desert plants. If they were not able to do this, they would probably not survive because they mostly live in deserts. Their are two types of camels which are dromedary and the Bactrian camel. The dromedary camal has one hump and the Bactrian camal has two.Below is just a funny video of two camels in a car that don’t know what to do! 

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Scorpions are not my favorite animals especially when their are in my house. My house is surrounded by a bunch of trees and woods so we have a ton of different animals around our house, but the scorpions get inside. They have eight legs and can move very fast. They can also swim which is strange. Scorpions have a bad reputation with humans, but only 25 species actually have venom that can kill a human. There are about 1752 different species. They can be found any where in any continent except Antarctica. They come in a ton of different colors but are easy to recognize because of the long tail and their pinchers! I have never none someone to want a scorpion as a pet but if you do you should make sure it’s not poisonous.

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Bearded Dragons

The bearded dragons are very cool animals. Many people have them as pets. There is a lot of equipment that comes along with taking care of them. There are special bulbs and lighting they need and also special temperatures they have to be in to survive because they can not regulate their body temperatures like humans can. They also need safe homes with branches and limbs they can climb on that are sturdy. Baby dragons can live in a house with 10 or 20 other dragons, but once they become adults, they need to live by themselves. They also need fresh water every day and need to be feed small prey all the time. It takes a lot of work to take care of them. But they are very friendly and calm nature so they are great around kids. Below is a video that will show you a bearded dragon eating dinner.

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Ostriches are in the anamalia kingdom and are large flightless birds found in Africa. Many zoos have ostriches in them from some part of Africa. It is the only living species of it family, the Struthionidae. They have long necks and long legs which give them the ability to run up to 70 miles per hour! That is extremely fast for any animal. They lay the largest eggs of any bird. Ostriches mostly eat plants, but also eat insects. They stay in group of other ostriches for 5-50 others. Their skin is variably colored depending on the sub-species. The males have red horn plates and the females have black.on each foot there are only two toes! The outer toe has no nail and the inner toe has a hoof like toe nail. Their legs do not have any fur on them, it’s just skin.
The ostrich likes to be with its pair at all times so if you want an ostrich as a pet, you will need to buy a female and a male so they are happy. Most people don’t have these animals as pets, but It is possible. Some people that work at zoos consider them their pets. They would be difficult to handle because they don’t like to just sit around all day and could destroy your house but do some research before you actually get on or even two!

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Green Birdwing Butterfly


     The green birdwing betterfly is native to the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Australasia. They are mostly found in rainforests in these areas. This bird is also referred to as Cairns Birdwing. They are named for their size, birdlike flight, and angular wings. The females role is very passive, slowly fluttering from perch to perch while the males perform an elaborate stationary dance above her. The female lays her eggs on leaves. The males are usually green, gold, and black. The females are a bright green with splashs of gold and black as well.

     These butterflies are very pretty and could be pets. Most people do not have butterflies as pet because they do better in the wild and don’t want to be in cages by themselves. When zoos get these butterflies, they make sure they are a lot of them so they do not feel trapped. They are also not too easy to find to even have as your pet. They beautiful to look at and would be a great animal to visit in the zoo. The video about shows these butterflies on a regular day and how they act.

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Savannah Cats

The savannah cat is a very sweet loving cat that is great to have as a pet. They are very playful, sweet, and loving. They are great with kids and are just like other cats, but they come from the wild. Once they have a home of their own, they are very tame. These cats can jump extremely high as you can see in the video listed below. They are found in the United States and are a standard breed. If you are wanting a savannah cat, try to find a place to adopt one because they are great pets especially around kids. They are commonly compared to dogs as far as their loyalty to their owners. These cats respect their owners and anyone they are around daily. I would suggest this cat to anyone looking for a wonderful pet, but they can be expensive so be careful where you are buying your savannah cat from!

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Chinchilla Lanigera

    The chinchilla lanigeras are found in barren, arid areas of mountains with high elevations. They make their homes in the holes of the rocks on the mountains. Females usually weigh more than the males. Thier fur in extremely dense and soft. Every hair on their body has a black tip and from one follice, 60 other hairs grow. This is an odd thing to think about because their hair is usually soft but they have so much because of this. Most chinchilla lanigeras are a brownish grey color with a yellowish white stomach. They color does not vary very much.

     Female chinchillas are very agressive and are very agressive towards one another.Fighting in the wild is very rare for this exotic animals. The fights are usually between other chinchillas that they are close to. Their way of threating another animal is growing, chattering their teeth, or urinating. When thinking about have a chinchilla as a pet, consider all the things they could to you and your house. Because they get scared very easily, the urinate on every thing which will cause your house to smell. They show many signs of aggression which could put you in danger. These chinchillas are not animals that you would like to have as a pet. I do not personally have one so I do not know all the details of living with one, but if you or anyone you know has one comment on how the owner feels about the chinchilla lanigera! This video shows a chinchilla’s behavior on a regual day. They jump on everything and try to get into to every thing as well!

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Exotic Animals as Pets?

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White Lions

White lions are very cute animals,but can be very dangerous at the same time. They mostly live in South Africa, but they can be found in most local zoos located near you. It is believed that these lions can not live on their own in the wild, so many zoo take them in as their own and take care of them. Sometimes the lions like being in zoos because they feel safer there but some times the lions feel trapped and want to live in the wild and to be able to go wherever whenever. Fights happen in zoos between lions and tigers all the time because they have very little area to live in so they think that fighting with other lions is a fun thing to do during the day but they end up hurting each other.

White lions aren’t just white lions. They come in many colors as well. They can also be a light brown color or a tan color. Many people want a lion as a pet but they don’t think about the lion growing up when they see the cute little cub that they want. It’s just like someone adopting a puppy; they don’t think about how big it gets or how much food it will need. These lions can get up to500 pounds and are hard to handle after that point because of their size. Unless you have experience with these animals, I would not suggest them as a pet. Even though they can be great animals, they can turn on their own at any time and this could put the owner in danger.

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